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The ripple effect of IA and AX

DCL DITA Day, 2021 online: Information Architecture and the Authoring Experience: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Content metrics in context (cover)

Content Metrics in Context, ConVEx (Content Virtual Experience) 2021, online

Metrics (panel)
  Patrick Bosek, Magda Caloian, Joe Gelb, Dawn Stevens
  ConVEx (Content Virtual Experience) 2021, online


Intro slide to DCL DITA Day 2020

DCL DITA Day, 2020 online, opening panel: Learn from the Leaders – Best Practices for DITA Success

From audit spreadsheets to DITA-XML pilot project, ConVEx (Content Virtual Experience) 2020, online

Conversion/ Migration to DITA (panel)
  Advice for planning and implementing a conversion or migration project.
  Magda Caloian, Sabine Ocker, Helen St. Denis, Brian Trombley
  ConVEx (Content Virtual Experience) 2020, online


From Audit to Pilot (cover)

From audit spreadsheets to DITA-XML pilot project
DITA Europe 2019, Brussels 

DITA Link Management - cover

Link-Management in DITA: Endnutzer-Orientierung durch optimale Verlinkungsstrategie
LearningDITALive, 2019


DITA Keys in Action slidedeck

DITA Keys in Action
CMS/ DITA North America 2018, Denver
DITA Europe 2017, Berlin


Modelling technical contentmodelling-technical-content_magdac.pdf

Modelling technical content in the eXperience age
CMS/ DITA North America 2017, San Diego


Modelling Content - Cover
Modelling intelligent content (workshop)
Information Energy 2016, Utrecht


DITA Pilotprojekt tekomFj16
Einführung eines DITA-Pilot-Projekts – planen, starten, testen! (Workshop)
tekom-Frühjahrstagung 2016, Berlin

Cover DITA NA 2016 Reston

model2dita: Generate your DITA project structure from the information model
CMS/ DITA North America 2016, Reston



From information model to DITA project structure
CMS/ DITA Europe 2015, München

Link-Management in DITA
tekom/ tcworld 2015, Stuttgart


Biggest challenges when moving to DITA (panel)
tekom/ tcworld 2015, Stuttgart

Article in Best Practice Oct.15

Test Before You Buy a CCMS
Best Practices, October 2015, Volume 17, Issue 5

Building a DITA pilot project (workshop)
TCUK 2015, Glasgow

DITA Linking - prezi

DITA linking best practice (Master Class & presentation)
Information Energy 2015, Utrecht

rst2dita cover

Integrating in-line code documentation – rst2DITA
CMS/ DITA North America 2015, Chicago



How to test a CMS before deciding on one
CMS/ DITA Europe 2014, München

DITA Implementierung - Folien

DITA-Implementierung: Womit soll man beim Planen rechnen? (workshop)
tekom/ tcworld 2014, Stuttgart

DITA Architektur Folien

Verstehen Sie DITA-Architektur?
tekom/ tcworld 2014, Stuttgart

Spice up your DITA workflows
Spice up your DITA workflow,
tekom Roadshow 2014, Bucharest

Implementing DITA (cover)
Implementing DITA – the work beyond the business case (workshop),
TCUK 2014, Brighton