Unfolding the Techcomm Box

[Originally posted on the Information Energy Blog, on March 29th.]

No doubt, the “techcomm box” keeps growing as we discover new dimensions of our digitally intertwingled lives. Without aiming to outline the history of technical writing here, I’d say we went through stages like typing, layouting, help authoring, single sourcing…

Folding-box template from templatemaker.nl

…and now, as we are still struggling to implement structured, semantic writing, we are unfolding one by one the sides of the techcomm box, extending our expertise towards multiple disciplines.

  • We are consolidating our roles as content experts through user research, information typing, minimalism, and instructional design.
  • We adopt standards that make our content interchangeable and part of the linked web of data for man and machine.
  • We collaborate across departments in our organizations, integrate with other systems and publish enterprise content.
  • We learn techniques from information architecture, UX, web design, and social media, to reach our audiences and accompany them along an intelligent, omnichannel experience.

Utrecht is the perfect place to meet and talk about information modeling and design. The infomedian gathering every June gets, as its name says, the information energy flowing and encourages us to think outside the box.

Looking forward to meet you in Utrecht and to discover further dimensions we need to explore as we “Design for Knowledge”!

Join the workshop, June 8 on “Modelling intelligent content” to experiment with a few research and analysis methods and to create a sample content project.