Coming soon: DITA-Meetup Roadmap 2019

We are currently collecting feedback and designing the roadmap for our monthly DITA Meetup (usually in German). The schedule will be ready by mid-February.

The sessions we had in 2018:

  • Jan. 25 “DITA OT Plugins bearbeiten”
  • Feb. 21 “DITA OT Plugins für Web”
  • Mar. 22 “Demo DITA-Projekte: Wiederverwendung und Keys”
  • Apr. 18 “DITA Spezialisierung” (Teil I)
  • June 6 “DITA Spezialisierung” (Teil II)
  • Jul. 31 “DITA Spezialisierung und Constraints, oder… Chill & Grill”
  • Oct. 17 “DITA, Markdown, MDITA”