Famous quotes from DITA Europe

To conclude the 2014 flashback series, let me share with you a few notes from the 10th anniversary of DITA Europe in Munich.

The main reason I love attending DITA Europe is the relaxed atmosphere, which encourages an intense exchange between attendees and even spontaneous debates during the sessions. If you already attended, you know what I mean and you’ll enjoy remembering the following quotes. If not, try and guess… who said what?

DITA Europe 2014 collage

DITA Usage Infographic Late 2014 (IXIASOFT)

Post-conference: The DITA-OT Day
DITA OT Day 2014 collage

[Update] Answers:

  1. JoAnn Hackos
  2. Jang Graat
  3. Dawn Stevens
  4. Eliot Kimber

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