DITA sessions at XML Prague 2016

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The geeky things you hear at an XML conference with participants between 7 months and 70 years young…

“Convincing W3C into marrying XSL-FO and CSS would be like a shotgun wedding.”

“I fixed a bug just with my iPhone today.”

“You might have a super hammer, but not everything is a nail.”

“There is DITA light and DITA not light.”

Now, for the serious business – the number of sessions about DITA practice and tools at XML Prague keeps growing every year.

On day 1, during the oXygen Users Meetup: George Bina and his team launched their new product oXygen XML Web Author, especially crafted for DITA reviewers and occasional authors: https://www.oxygenxml.com/webauthor/

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I couldn’t resist trying it out on my iPhone.

Version 18 of the oXygen XML Editor is also coming soon, and brings further features to support DITA authors with visual editing, as well as DITA architects through easier implementation of constraints and controlled values. You can save a certain layout within a project or a framework, so that entire teams would work with the same layout settings. You’ll soon be able to set constraints by just editing a config file. Moreover, you could easily localize an entire XML schema, and this idea immediately triggered discussions about having DITA elements in any language.

Patrik Stellmann has shown his DITA-SEMIA framework in oXygen: https://github.com/dita-semia

DITA-SEMIA Sequence Diagramms

DITA-SEMIA: Sequential Diagrams

On a parallel track, in the BaseX Meetup, Eliot Kimber presented his DFST project (DITA for Small Teams: http://www.dita-for-small-teams.org/) via Skype.

Maximilian Gärber demonstrated the new Argon-Author plugin for DITA Content Management in oXygen on a BaseX database: argon-author.com You can log in as beta-tester and try out Argon-Author in the BaseX sandbox. My humble contribution, besides naming the baby 😉 ,  is the sample DITA project about Trello, included with the plugin.

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XML Prague runs for three days full of interesting presentations, demos, and workshops from the XML/XSLT/CSS/FO world every February: http://www.xmlprague.cz/

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